n-body Problem (room 5, room 35, loading bay) (2016)
n-body gravity simulation, motion tracking cameras, drawing machine, drawing paper, trace paper, Copic Multiliner

Installed across three galleries in the Gossard space at RMIT University n-body Problem (room 5, room 35, loading bay) explored the complexity of the human relationship with the non-human. Mediated through a model of the complex interactions of gravitational effects between multiple bodies (the n-body problem).

The work utilised three motion tracking cameras installed across the space which translated the movement of the audience into simulated bodies which were placed “virtually” onto the drawing machine’s paper. The pen of the drawing then orbited these virtual audience members creating the complex set of paths traced out in the final drawing.

The n-body problem is an example of a conceptually simple mathematical model which quickly leads to such a complex set interactions that it can only be approximated but never solved.