Reflex (2015)
drawing machine, pigment prints, anodised aluminium, MDF, HIPS, Plexiglas mirrors, liquid chalk pens, chains, microfiber cloth

Solo exhibition at First Site Gallery in October 2015 with the aim of bringing together a couple of the threads I had been playing with in earlier projects. Key to the exhibition was a playful of breaking down the boundary between audience, artwork and artist, and the consequent collapse of the notions of self and other

The central part of the installation consisted of a large 5-meter wide wall drawing machine. The drawing machine had an interface that allowed the audience to input (using a laptop) their own drawings, which the machine would then replicate in its own unique style onto the wall. Since the wall drawings could not be erased, there was an interesting layering of various drawings as the exhibition progressed, like a cycle of life and repetition producing new motifs.

The installation also included a set of liquid chalk pens, which were chained together and hung from a hook on the wall of the gallery. The ambiguous placement of these pens in the exhibition context was meant to confuse but also act as an oblique invitation for the audience to actively draw on the work—which they did. This invitation to interact with and actively modify the work, both digitally through addition to the wall drawing machine and physically through the use of the chalk pens, acted to fuse the audience and artwork together in a strange coupling. It created an exhibition space in which all things, activities and actors became active constituents of a larger exhibition ‘object’.